Our Process

Our Process starts with a cup of coffee or any beverage you like.

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    We understand the requirements completely before making the move. We fix a meeting with you in person/online/on call to understand what you actually desire. We then find out the purpose and target of the project and suggest improvisations or a few changes that might add value to the deliverable.

    You are free to take or decline the suggestions. This is the first step of us together in the journey and we tend to start this on a friendly note and look forward to a long-term sustainable association.

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    We believe that brainstorming and data analysis is very important before executing it. So, after we gather all the information from you, we do an analysis of how to go about it so that best quality can be churned out within stipulated time. We create a roadmap of the project. A battle is considered half won if we do the homework properly and are organised at every step.

    So,we decide the features and functionalities of the project. We treat each project as our baby and plan its move for each step.

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    Someone rightly said, “First impression is the last impression” Once we have the roadmap in place, we start working on the visuals. The design of any application is the first thing that any user or visitor looks at. It should be eye-catchy at the same time simple and user-friendly.

    We ensure that the look and feel of the website/portal is unique yet sober. The manoeuvre from one location to another is smooth. The transition is uninterrupted. We love to take your suggestions and imagination of design you have in your mind.

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    Now comes the actual work of creating the SOUL of the application. Our expert developers turn your ideas into reality based on the approved design. This is the most critical and analytical part of our process where our experts need to understand your needs very clearly so that they transform your dream into reality.

    They work diligently day and night to meet your requirements. Your support at this stage boosts their morale and encourage them to deliver the best product.

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    Before the launch, our testing team do a rigorous testing to ensure that there are no bugs or issues. They check if all the functionalities are working as smooth as we thought. If bugs found, the issue is communicated to the developer who fixes the same on priority.

    This stage ensures that you get an error-free product from our end. Still we are humans, if any issue arises later, we are always there to help.

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    It’s the time to go live! Show the world that you too exist. After following all the steps from initiation to testing, we prepare the product for delivery.

    Don’t think this the end of our services. This is actually the beginning of a new relationship and an association for lifetime. We are always eager and happy to provide maintenance services.